100 Days of Higher Ed – A Reflective Writing Project.

One of my “New Year’s” Resolutions was to start my blog back up and to do a lot more writing, of all kinds. And while it has taken a hot minute to get started I think the time to start has arrived. I am a huge fan of narrative but what I have not done is record my own higher ed narrative. How did I start, how did I get here, and what have I learned? I know I am not that remarkable and quite frankly I am rather boring but I do want to create a personal history that I can look back upon one day. So I have decided to start this 100-day project. 100 topics, higher ed themed, and try to average around 750 words a day. This is on top of three other writing projects I have started. So this should be fun and test my resolve.

I got the idea from a non-Higher Ed space. Blogger Nicole Zhu https://medium.com/100daysofwriting/100-days-of-writing-prompts-a98eeb8939c2 had a post on this practice in 2015 and I bookmarked it. A few weeks ago I came across some old book marks and it intrigued me. Can I show the same discipline she did. She is also a great reader and posts about reading a book a week for years now. Personally, I am not quite there yet. So I crafted 100 Higher Ed writing prompts adjusted from her list because I really like the variety and personality. I think I can do it. Follow along to see!

  1. Women in Higher Ed who are Role Models for me
  2. What was a game changing experience for me during my career
  3. On drinking and Higher Ed – Conference Flashback
  4. My Favorite Movies about Higher Education
  5. That feeling that I am always behind on work and projects
  6. What would I change about my career?
  7. What my parents think I do
  8. On staying connected in higher ed
  9. Why do we Higher Ed folks have such a hard time taking a day off?
  10. My morning routine at the office.
  11. That overwhelming feeling started before COVID
  12. A story about a Higher Ed scar I have
  13. How do I answer the question, what is my favorite college team?
  14. A song that reminds me of a time and place in college
  15. Three things I want out of the rest of my higher ed experience
  16. On reducing volume and garbage in higher ed
  17. The problem with higher ed conferences
  18. What is urgent and what is important in higher ed
  19. What is my favorite article of higher ed swag or clothing
  20. The types of Higher Ed friendships and what do they mean?
  21. Administration vs. Student Affairs – when you’re a jet you’re a jet
  22. Thoughts on higher ed imposter syndrome
  23. Travel as a higher ed professional
  24. Accepting yourself as a Higher Ed professional
  25. Where am I in my current Higher Ed career
  26. Why I love College bookstores
  27. My relationship with higher ed leadership
  28. College life and Television
  29. A retrospect on my undergraduate life at East Carolina
  30. What I learned from working with multiple universities
  31. Student activism today
  32. On working with student’s families
  33. What is my favorite memory from my first year as a professional
  34. On wellness as a higher ed professional
  35. On challenging traditional tropes of academic work
  36. My favorite meal I ever had on campus
  37. The advice I would give myself at Orientation
  38. My favorite Higher Ed website
  39. On Higher Ed nice
  40. my biggest fears for the future of higher ed
  41. Things higher ed professionals are unhealthy about
  42. My relationship with HigherEdJobs.Com
  43. A higher ed book I go back to
  44. On risk management and student activities
  45. Using social media as a higher ed pro
  46. A journal article I return to
  47. How am I feeling about higher ed in the time of COVID
  48. Beautiful higher ed campuses spaces I have been to
  49. Research topics I hope to get to before I die
  50. A narrative about my first week in grad school at SIU Carbondale
  51. My uneasy relationship with college athletics
  52. The idea that to advance in higher ed is to always move
  53. Meditations on teaching
  54. Building community that does not include other higher ed professionals
  55. A time I made a mistake at work
  56. Write an email to a hypothetical university president I will never hit send on
  57. Why the student newspaper is so important and why I miss it
  58. My five higher ed milestones
  59. My higher ed best friend
  60. On missing students when you finally get the big job
  61. Emails! We have to talk about emails
  62. When I was a little M Preston what did I want to be when I grew up
  63. My favorite campus tradition and why I think they are important
  64. On staying sane as a higher ed pro
  65. Why does this work never get any easier and why do we keep doing it?
  66. Marking Time with Semesters Forever
  67. Dorm life before the internet
  68. Why Family Weekends are so much fun!
  69. We still believe in summer in higher ed
  70. What makes me nervous about this work
  71. What I like to read connected to higher ed
  72. How did I decide on my dissertation topic
  73. When will it be time to go . . . . .
  74. Why metropolitan universities are the future of higher ed
  75. Packing for a conference – must haves
  76. The most random people I have worked with on campus and why they were important
  77. Why everyone thinks I am a professor
  78. How to balance routine with spontaneity in high ed
  79. Higher ed professional addictions
  80. Five higher ed pet peeves
  81. If I could erase one day in higher ed history what would it be
  82. The most important day in the history of higher ed to me
  83. Campus means bringing an umbrella, a condom, and a bottle of water
  84. A higher ed story that always makes me laugh
  85. Getting to work early and staying late
  86. My favorite higher ed quote
  87. Goals I have for my real life away from higher ed
  88. Higher ed means never having to grow up
  89. Why writing is important for higher ed people
  90. International students and what we can learn from them.
  91. Why higher ed work can feel so lonely
  92. What was the last higher ed book I read
  93. Things I learned in college that was not on the syllabus
  94. How to stay higher ed organized – if you know how let me know
  95. My favorite hang out spot as a grad student
  96. Something that makes me uncomfortable about higher ed
  97. What thing about higher ed have I changed my mind about
  99. What have I learned about myself over the 100 days
  100. What is next?

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I am a professional at the University of Central Florida who likes entertainment, politics and sports.

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