Sometimes Patience is the Hardest Part

In higher education it is not the lack of ideas that is a problem, its allowing the good ideas the space to grow and develop. Change in higher education is one that takes time, patience, and tremendous coordination. That is why when I get frustrated I try to find pioneers who have led the wayContinue reading “Sometimes Patience is the Hardest Part”

Considering Life: What Leon Russell taught me about belongings

This painting hangs on my living room wall. I belonged to my father. My father has been dead now for 12 years. He died in 2005, was quickly creamated and I promptly estranged from my step-mother. It all happened very fast. So fast that this is the only material possession that I now own thatContinue reading “Considering Life: What Leon Russell taught me about belongings”

College Athletics not a white knight

I love college athletics. I grew up on college sports and some of my best memories as a kid and college student centered around college games. One of my first formative sports memories was watching Lorenzo Charles make a last second dunk in 1983 to give N.C. State the national championship. I remember watching theContinue reading “College Athletics not a white knight”