Day 42 – What Zillow and have in common – #100DaysofHigherEd

As higher education professionals we love a good job search. One of the things I miss the most about not getting to NASPA the past two years is all the who is where doing what chatter. While you can still get that via Facebook, it just hits harder when you are in the exhibit hall and you connect with that friend and she mentions that so and so is not working for that university you always coveted. The conversation usually goes something like:

Friend:  Did you hear about Jason?

Me:       No, what is he up to I have not seen him in a minute?

Friend:  Oh, he is the new VPSA at regional well-respected university.

Me:       Oh really? Well, good for him.

** Logs into HigherEdJobs.Com afterall if Jason can get said job what am I doing?**

This is the post where I admit I am a sucker for a good navel gazing session while scrolling I love it. When I am stressed out or I have a bad day. When I am jealous of someone else or I just want to fantasize I find myself on this site dreaming of a corner office in an old brick building in that idyllic college town. Students are calling me Dean Preston and I am in my tweed jacket walking across a campus where it is always fall. As I scroll, I see the states fly by, Iowa, Arizona, New Hampshire. I want to work all of the jobs and they have to be better than this right!?

Not too long ago there was a commercial parody on Saturday Night Live where the characters compared looking at homes on Zillow to having an illicit affair. Just dreamily scrolling through a three-bedroom bungalow with an offset bonus room and a pool was met with sighs and delight. Of course, that is why they are fantasies right. Because the fantasy becomes too real when the SNL cast contact the realtor and then get an abrupt phone call from a pushy real estate agent.

That happens with the HigherEdJobs.Com gazing. You finally let the fantasy overtake you and then you decide to apply. You print off the job announcement and search for your CV and put together a dreamy cover letter. It is perfect. How they can not hire me makes zero sense. We would be perfect together. You log on then it hits you.


Or you have a conversation with the search consultant and in addition to your very fine letter and CV they also want you to submit an original writing sample, state your philosophy of leadership, and they want to know your salary needs but have not disclosed a salary range.

Soon enough your lunch break is over, and it is time to get back to reality. Of course, until next year and you find out that what’s her name got the job you navel gazed over and you are soooo much more qualified for that – wash, rinse, repeat.  

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