Day 11 – Determination

Today on my walk I saw a snail. It was inching across the sidewalk and I immediately thought, this is about how I feel right now. Despite the seemingly long odds and difficult terrain (after all being a snail when it is hot and dry has to be a hazard) this snail seemed to be determine to make it across to the other side. And I think that is how we are going to get there. Slow, languid, and against the odds. I am not sure when that will be, when the curve will be flattened, and when life can resume. But for now, we must continue the slow crawl toward the other side. We need to be this snail.

Project – 7 Hours

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Today’s project is pretty simple, its seven hours of sleep. For the first time in a very long time I am getting a solid seven hours of sleep each night. And this has resulted in feeling much better. Clearly helping with my exercise routine and overall health. I am more focused and refreshed. Which begs the question – why didn’t I do this sooner? Gonna try to keep this up.

Album of the Day – George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice

In 1991 George Michael released a surprise album called Listen Without Prejudice. It was not his best selling album and only produced one top 5 hit whit the timeless pop song, Freedom 90. But this album was a view of what magic this guy was capable of. It is one of my favorite albums of all time and I have written about on a number of blogs in the past. The combination of his flawless voice and timely song writing came at a time when he was grappling with his own identity and growing drug and alcohol problems. This was the opus of a former pop star who was racing into adulthood and maybe was not ready for it. Waiting for Time should be a song for our generation but really it is a song what only die hard fans like me really cling to.

Topic – My Morning Routine

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This is a fun topic that most of us should really think about and see if we need to change anything. My morning routine is pretty simple but is important for my productivity. I wake up at the same time each day – around 5:30 during the week and 7:30 on weekends. I get up and get my workout clothes on. I usually open the windows and turn off the air conditioner. I like to get some fresh air into the house. I go to the sink and wash my hands and get a big glass of water. I usually check twitter and CNN to see what happened in the world the night before and then I grab my keys and headphones and head out.

I walk the same track every day. It is about a three mile walk to the city park and back. When not in a global pandemic I take some time to hit the gym. I do a number of body weight exercises and sauna for 20 minutes. I love to sweat in the sauna. I usually sip a Gatorade zero while I do it. I walk back home and get ready for my day. By then Caroline and Nicole are up and I say hello to them. I put on the morning news (Channel 9 and then Good Morning America) and iron a shirt for the day. I drink another glass of water. I then take a shower. I turn on the water and weigh myself, record the weight. After my shower I get dressed and do my hair.

After dressing I go to the kitchen and take my meds and vitamins and then enjoy a small serving of kombucha and powered super green foods. I finish my home routine by getting my lunch together, brush my teeth and then off to work. On the way I stop by Race Trac and fill up my isolated mug with some diet dew and drive to the office. Once I get there I put my lunch in the fridge and pop open my laptop and start my days’s work.

Gen X Pop Culture Moment of the Day – The Family Sitcom

The Family sitcom was not invented by Gen Xers but we perfected it. During the 1980s the sitcom was the prime entertainment vehicle. Everyone had their favorites, The Cosby Show, even Alf. But mine was Family Ties. I wanted to be Alex Keaton so bad. And it made sense. Gen Xers were raised in the Reagan era of high divorce rates and Boomer parents who really did not have it all figured out. We were latchkey kids who needed to find normalcy somewhere. The TV family seemed perfect. It was the life you hoped to lead one day. My dad was an alcoholic, Alex’s dad always knew the right thing to say and to give you a hug when you needed it. My mom was overworked and underpaid and overwhelmed, Alex’s mom was smart and always gave the best advice. In both cases the parents were home when you got home and they ate dinner together as a family. Sure there were special episodes like when Tom Hanks played Alex’s alcoholic uncle or the emmy winning episode where Alex reconciled the death of his friend Greg died. But overall this show presented a family I wanted to be a part of and helped me cope with a life that did not reflect that.

Stat of the Day – 322 Feet

Robbie Madison made the longest motorcycle jump in history of 322 feet. I dont know why I wanted to know that.

More tomorrow.

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