Day 10 – Its Hot Outside

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Well, I missed a post yesterday and that is on me. For the first time in a while I actually did not budget my time the way I should and forgot to post. Well I am back. This weekend it is going to get very hot in Florida. Some temps will get into mid 90s. And it wont be just Florida. All over the South and Midwest temps are going to soar. And that has some of us wondering, will this change in weather affect the spread of COVID-19? There seems to be mixed reviews. A number of studies posted this week shows that the virus spread does slow in higher temps. Countries in tropical and sub-tropical regions are seeing a slower spread. And the same is true for hot states like Arizona, Texas and Florida where there has been virus but it has been at a slower pace. Now, from what I understand the virus still spreads but there is something about heat and humidity that helps slow it down. Some feel it is because it protects our lungs by adding protective coating and others feel that these viruses die off more readily with hot weather. They don’t seem to like sunlight. So who knows. I think if we see a slowing in Florida there may be something to it. Here’s hoping.

Project – Intermittent Fasting

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So right before the crisis I started intermittent fasting as a practice. I try to stop eating by 8 or 9 PM each night and not resume until Noon each day. There is evidence that intermittent fasting helps with blood pressure, heart health, blood sugar and weight loss. Overall, it seems to be working. I am not a breakfast person anyway and I find myself eating a lot less throughout the day. I have more energy and have lost about 6 pounds. So, I think I will keep it up!

Album of the Day – Tracy Chapman, Self-Titled

I first heard Tracy Chapman during the concert for Mandela in 1988. I was immediately a fan. Her voice and lyrics spoke to my interest in social justice and poetry. The entire album is a manifesto on how humans struggle to make it in the modern world. Her big, breakout hit was the song Fast Car and it was really her only hit but all of her music is amazing. This album is right up there with albums by Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan in terms of the care for the lyrics and the tone of the music. I listen to this album at least once a month still. She has gone onto a long career and all of her music is great, but this was her masterpiece.

Learning to Chill a bit.

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I tend to be a nervous and hotwired person. I generally don’t have a chill button to push. I am always trying to move around, and I am a busy body. I need to change that. What I am learning during this pandemic is the value in chilling out and not taking life so seriously. Now, don’t get my sense of humor and need to make people laugh as evidence of a chill persona. I am always worried about something.

So during this time at home I am training myself to chill out a bit and taking time for reflection and being, well, chill. The first thing I have done is loosen up a bit. If you follow me on social media you will notice I did a couple of Tik Toks with my daughter. Two weeks ago I would not have done this. I was so worried how people would perceive me and if I was embarrassing myself. But honestly, who cares anymore. It was fun and my daughter got to teach her old man how to dance really poorly. I will remember these times for a long time.

Right now there are people who were living normal lives and now they are gravely ill or even dead. Now, I am not scared that will happen to me. After all we are taking the recommendations of our local officials seriously. But what if that thing is something else. I am 47 and Caroline will be at college soon. I will never get these days back. So I need to just chill, brush off the anxiety and learn from this time I’ve been gifted.

Gen X Pop Culture Moment of the Day – The Day After Tomorrow

In 1983 I was 10 years old and for some reason my dad thought it was a good idea to let me watch this movie. It was a made for TV movie on ABC that focused on a Kansas town dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear attack. The town was not destroyed but they dealt with the fallout of radiation and also the isolation of not knowing what comes next. This movie made me feel like life was not certain and it can change at any moment. Kind of like right now but in real life.

Stat of the Day – 134.1 Degrees

The appropriately named Furnace Creek, California recorded this high temperature in 1913. Now that is hot!

More tomorrow.

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