Day 9 – Untrusting

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I have to admit something, I don’t even trust myself to protect my own self from this virus. I do things each day that has me running to the web to see if that is a way you can get COVID-19. Today was shoes. In what should be a happy time, we signed the closing documents for our house. I found myself in panic mode that I have now ruined it by not being careful enough. See here is the thing. I came home from the title company and running by Costco. Was careful the whole time. Came home and washed my hands. Then I took off my shoes with my hands, touching both the side and sole of the shoe and then went forward to eat my lunch where I ate a Wendy’s Four for Four (a personal favorite) with my hands. I had not rewashed my hands first. So I went online to see if that is how I get it. The good news, it, its really unlikely that I happened to step in the virus, that my fingers touched that exact spot, and then it was transmitted to my mouth. And yea, I get that, but none of the sources I read could promise that was not possible. And that is what drives me crazy. That you can be as perfect as can be and still, one unaware or missteped moment and it doesn’t matter. And I get data and probabilities but this really makes it hard. And the idea that despite all of the warnings I just cant remember to wash my hands. Ugh.

Project – Self-Editing

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So I did some writing this week. I think it was pretty good. And then this afternoon I went back and took a look at it. Wow, self-editing is not a thing for me. Most of the prose rambled and really needed focus. Look, on this medium a bit of rambling is expected. I write from a stream of thought and it works. But when you write professionally you need to make sure you are concise and thoughtful. That is not really me. But when I read it I can see it. So, today’s addition to my project list is to read something I write professionally twice before I hit send. The first reading is for clarity and accuracy, the second is for grammar and format. if I can do that then I will be in a good place.

Album of the Day – I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got – Sinead O’Connor

When this album came out it was the perfect album to begin the 1990s with. It was alternative in scope but just an album that welcomed that coming decade and how women would be the disruptive force for the next ten years. Sinead O’Connor was such an unlikely pop star. Shy, passionate, and her voice was more opera than rock. She had a great album previous with The Lion and the Cobra but it was clear she was not looking to make pop music. Her breakout hit was Nothing Compares 2U and it was appropriately written by Prince. But the whole album was stunningly sad and hopeful at the same time. Last Day of Our Acquaintance is one of the most heartbreaking songs I have ever heard. Sinead has had some troubles recently but I hope she sorts it all out because I adore her.

Topic of the Day – Keeping in Touch

I will admit. I am not a good person for keeping in touch. I tend to need a catalyst to keep in touch. But I am also not a person who feels distance is a bad thing. Over the years I have reconnected with friends I have not seen since high school and it was like time never stopped. I think it is the was I was raised. I have mentioned before that I was an Air Force brat. I moved all over the U.S. and about every three years I would be packing up and leaving.

This lifestyle made it so I had to seal off old relationships and start new ones. Nothing personal, it was just too hard. It was my only defense. Over time just about every person I have cared for has either left or I have left them. my four best dudes all live across the country or across the city and I rarely see any of them. If it were not for social media I know of dozens of people I really, really like to be out of touch. But maybe its supposed to be like this.

Think about it, before Facebook, how many close relationships did we really have? 5, 10? My guess is even the most involved among us had less than 15. It was not an easy task. Then came social media and now we can maintain hundreds of connections. But how full are these touch points? Recently, I posted a video of my daughter and I dancing. I have nearly 110 likes. I have to admit, I maybe routinely talk to 10 of those listed. And that is not because they or I are bad people, its just we only have so much bandwidth.

So I guess this was meant to be an apology for not staying in touch but really, its more about making sure those close relationships you have stick and stay. Now, more than ever we are understanding how fragile everything is. We gain strength from the relationships we keep. I just hope in time we will find a way to keep in touch once we stop being physically distant.

Gen X Pop Culture moment of the day

So I worked at McDonald’s, my wife Nicole worked at McDonald’s. McDonald’s paid for her engagement ring. And I admit, I love their fries, the chicken nuggets, and that hot mustard sauce!! So here is the deal. Regardless of your feelings on Micky D’s there is no denying it’s impact on our Gen X lives. For many of us it was our first job. One in Eight Gen X kids called McD’s their first job. We know the commercials (Two all beef patties special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun!) and it taught us how to work.

Stat of the Day – 100 Billion

So, speaking of McDonald’s – to date the burger franchise has sold more than 100 billion burgers in their business lifetime, with many estimates being 120 billion plus. We will never know, McDonald’s has stopped officially counting.

More Tomorrow.

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