Day 7 – Confidence

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Today I woke up and took a walk. The air was a bit chilly but I knew it would warm up soon. I like walking in the mornings and getting my day started. I then came home and opened the windows to let the fresh (albeit pollen filled) in. And I took a moment to start thinking about what life will be like after the outbreak. And my conclusion? I feel confident. I feel confident that after all is said and done the most dire predictions for this virus are not going to come true and confident a month from now we will be in a really good place. Sure we will have to continue to social distance and there will be flare ups that need to be attended to but overall we are gonna be okay. What we dont need is arrogance. When leaders take others lives and health out of the consideration in a desire to return to normal it shows a cognitive dissonance we just cant have. So this is not about “returning to normal” it is more about returning to a confidence that if we do the right things we will be okay. This week we close on the sale of our house and provided there are no disruptions from the buyer we are a go. That means we will need to move in early April. While that can be scary I am not any more worried about it than I have to be. We are making arrangements to have distance with our movers and we are going to do this smart. But we are not going to be scared. We are going to wide everything down once it has been placed in the apartment and that’s all we can do. So let’s show some confidence in the face of fear.

Project – Reading for Pleasure

I am an avid reader but not a reader who reads for pleasure. Over this extended time at home I am hoping to change that. I have lots of books I have collected with the intention of reading that I have never done. So it’s time to start reading a chapter or two a night. Give the streaming services a break. The first book with be Azerrad’s Our Band Could Be Your Life. It follows many of the cult like indie bands of the 80s and it looks great. I will let you know how it goes!

Album of the Day – Peter Gabriel – SO

If there is a voice we need at this time it is Peter Gabriel. His studio album So is the album that launched a million relationships. Not only was it the featured song in the Gen X classic say anything the entire album was ground breaking for its use of world music, synth, and visual elements via music videos to tell a complete story. His duet with Kate Bush, Don’t Give Up is like catnip to Gen Xers. Red Rain was a classic arena banger before we knew what those were. And his is masterful in concert. His split from Genesis is a rare example where the break up was good for all parties involved. This album could only be made by Peter Gabriel.

Topic of the Day – What Would you change about yourself ?

Like most other people in the world there is a lot I would change about myself. We all tend to be our biggest critics but there is one thing that I really wish I would stop doing. That thing is to take on the worry of others and internalize it as my own. I tend to do that a lot. When I hear someone is distressed or worried I often will feel like I have to respond to that and help make it better. And you may say, that is a good thing to do. But the facts are often the need to help does not help and it often means I get in the way.

Now, when I am asked to help, that is different. But some of the same principles come into play. For example, if a friend reaches out to me and asks for $100 to help pay a bill because they are suffering I can decide if I can afford that or not and give the money to them with an offer to help more if needed. But what I cannot do is to then try to solve the problem caused by this request. Often the cause is not really my concern, if it was that person would ask for help with that too.

Also, taking on someones issue is not the same as offering help. If I know a friend is in distress I should and need to ask if I can help. But that is where I need to stop. If that person needs it they will direct me to do so. But if not then the act of offering can often be enough. And that is how we should really consider our limits to taking on others needs. We need to empathize, listen, and then react within a reasonable level of response. And that is what I would change.

Gen X Pop Culture Moment – Dance Party Shows

Saturday dance party shows. Be it Soul Train, American Bandstand, Solid Gold, Club MTV, or even Hee Haw. Saturdays were a time for music and dance alongs. While we have tik toks and viral videos now there was a time when the latest music and dance moves were introduced via Saturday after noon. What I loved about them was the diversity and randomness of their subjects. Huey Lewis and the News were on Soul Train, Billy Idol on Hee Haw, and Dolly Parton on Club MTV. Gen X was a strange and wonderful time.

Stat of the day – minus 128.6 degrees

That is the single coldest temperature ever recorded on earth. Of course is was in Antarctica but I just wanted to know. Burrrr.

More Tomorrow.

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