Day 6 – Its Always Sunny

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Here is what is odd about living in Florida, the weather is great! It is hot and dry and the sun is out. It is so deceptive. When I do go for a walk and get some sun my neighborhood looks like it always does. That is why this is all so confusing. I am here in my office at home working and when I look outside I cannot see a reason why I am doing this. So who knows. When I go to the news I see the damage, to humans who are dying, to economies which are failing, and all around me people are testing positive even though I do not personally know any of these people. It is only day six and I feel quite confident we will be in this for many days but in the meantime Florida continues to Florida and confuse me.

Project – Checklists

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I know the value of a good checklist and I am trying to use them more but I am the kind of person who completes a good checklist and I find it months later, basically untouched. Now I generally have gotten all of those assignments done and I am not missing things but I am also not really good at tracking progress. So I am going to try a different approach I will outline in my topic down below. I am not sure if it will help but I am willing to give it a shot.

Album of the Day – The Smiths, Strangeways, Here we Come

Along with Paul Simon’s Graceland this album was part of my first purchase of an album as a kid. I got into The Smiths after a trip to my uncle’s house in Atlanta and my cousin Tad had a couple of Smiths tapes in his collection. I fell in love with this band immediately. Every song is melancholy and morose but also with great pop styling. Morrissey it one of rock’s perfect front men despite he is completely unlikable. This is not considered their best album but it is the album I imprinted with more. Girlfriend in a Coma, Unhappy Birthday, Stop Me if you Think that You’ve Heard this one Before are the kinds of songs a new disaffected teen needs in his life.

Topic of the Day – Feeling Behind

I have to admit, I am always feeling like I am playing catch up. I am always trying to complete last weeks deadlines today. But that is what I am fretting over. For the first time in my career I think I am pretty caught up. overall my work load has really nosedived because our universities need to work in other directions and that has allowed for me to find time for those reports that needed to be done and such. So now that I don’t feel behind there is a bit of anxiety that I don’t want to feel like I am falling behind ever again. So what is a guy to do. I am going to take an opposite approach and complete a to-done list at the end of the day. Here is how it goes.

my work is utterly unpredictable so I need some time to process the emergent nature of it. So each day I am going to list the work items I completed and then have a few notes on what I need to do next. This can guide action on a daily basis but also give a more directed list of things to do. Because I hate feeling behind. It takes the general anxiety I feel and ramps it up ten fold. And I have too much to do to feel like I am falling behind.

Gen X Moment of the Day – The Brat Pack

The Breakfast Club (1985) Directed by John Hughes Shown from left: Judd Nelson (as John Bender), Emilio Estevez (as Andrew ‘Andy’ Clark), Ally Sheedy (as Allison Reynolds), Molly Ringwald (as Claire Standish), Anthony Michael Hall (as Brian Ralph Johnson)

The Breakfast Club was the most famous of the raft of movies aimed at Teens and were the definitive voice of our generation. These movies included St. Elmo’s Fire, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day off and many more. What was great about them was for the first time in pop culture took the insecurities and feelings of a generation seriously. As latchkey kids we were messed up pretty bad. These movies spoke to us and gave us our generational soundtrack as well. I would guess this genre began at Fast Times at Ridgmount High and ended at Clueless but these movies go on forever.

Stat of the Day – 126,000

That is the highest number of steps ever recorded using a fit bit in 24 hours as officially recognized by FitBit. The winner was a hiker from Ohio State who completed a 60 mile walk. Wow.

More Tomorrow.

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