Day 4 – Anxiety

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So today is the day that my anxiety has really got the best of me. I really felt like I was doing okay with it but then I had this random thought last night. Not too long ago I watched this show on HBO called The Leftovers. It was a show about society after 140+ million people disappeared at the same time. There seemed to be no pattern, no real reason for it. Was it the rapture? Was it aliens? None of the cast was sure. This led people to do all sorts of strange things. Odd cults formed, there were crime waves that made little sense, anxiety took hold because of so many unanswered questions. I feel the same way about this. I know I am anxious because I cannot figure out the pattern, who gets sick, who doesn’t, who gets infected, who doesn’t. It all seems so random. The hoarding of toilet paper, restaurants close and the markets are so turbulent. None of it makes sense so I don’t know how to feel. No end day also makes this hard, and then you see China returning to normal and will there be more cases there? So anxiety is the theme. My guess is this will pass as we know more but wow, has it reared its head.

Project – Home Office

Last night I set up my home office. I had been going into the office each day as I have an isolated office but I am anticipating a shelter in place order at some point so my project today was to set this bad boy up. Brought my dual screens from work, got a Diet Dew spot, and everything plugged in. The internet is all connected and I am good to go. I think it is important to work at home in as close to an office environment as you can. I also made sure I was close to natural sunlight and have fresh air to keep my office environment pleasant.

Album of the Day – Disintegration by The Cure

I am not a huge goth music fan. At the risk of being cast out of the Gen X Alternative club I am not a huge fan of Bauhaus and other dark wave groups. But The Cure have a knack for great pop music fused with melancholy that I love. And this is, in my opinion, their best album. It is a masterpiece that brought them both commercial and critical fame. Plainsong has to be the best song to open a concert with of any band I am aware of. On this album Robert Smith’s voice is both smooth and scary if that is possible. You believe what he is saying and the lyrics are this word soup that is both absurd and tells a complete story. Plus this seems to be the perfect kind of music in times like these.

Topic of the Day – The best thing I ever ate

This one is simple. The single best thing I have ever eaten was this steakhouse in Kansas City, Missouri about 15 years ago. The steakhouse was called the 801 Steakhouse and it was located in the Power and Light District. I was there on a work trip and we were attending the Omicron Delta Kappa meeting. The last night we all decided to go out and get a proper steak in a town known for them. And it did not disappoint. From the beginning we were amazed at the atmosphere. When we arrived we waited for some time in their lobby bar that looked a lot like a speakeasy. They had this special brew produced by Boulevard Brewing (also a Kansas City staple). I was an Oak Barrel Ale and it set the table perfectly.

Once we got to our seats we were seated in their million dollar room that was adorned with over $1 million in expensive wines. It was one from there. I did this one thing I remember distinctly, I saw the menu and called my wife to make sure that she was okay with my buying a $150 steak. And I was so glad she said yes!

It was a 24oz. porterhouse that was seared and crusted with peppercorns and garlic. It was fork tender and came with a perfect baked potato. The steak melted in your mouth and it had this robust taste that was amazing. had a couple more Boulevards and enjoyed over three hours of chatting. It was a magical night.

Gen X Moment of the Day – the OJ Simpson Chase

In 1994 the world stopped for a moment as we all watched OJ Simpson being chased down an L.A. Freeway and all had a sinking feeling that he was going to kill himself. He, of course would go onto stand trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and was famously acquitted. OJ became a folk hero to some, and the ultimate example of justice denied to others. This story has been told a million times. But if wanted to relive the chase (and I know you have time) you can watch it here.

Stat of the day – 951

That is the number of weeks the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon has been on the Billboard top 200 albums chart. No other album has ever come close. And that is not even counting the pop catalog charts (you know the Columbia House charts that we all still owe money to). If that were counted then they would have charted over 1,500 weeks. Even on a slow week the album still sells 7,000-8,000 units a week. Amazing.

More Tomorrow.

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