Day 2 – Settling In

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Well, day 2 is where I start to settle in. I am getting used to not being around people as much and my office is dark and quiet. However, I have been productive. I am finding that staying away from the COVID-19 news is a good thing for me to do right now. As we start to get a few days, maybe a week or two down the line I am certain that we will learn how to live with this new reality and services will come back online and TP will stock the shelves as everyone adjusts. But that brings me to my first list of topics. Lets start at . . . .

PROJECT: Buy Local, buy often – look, I know that social distancing is all of the rage but that also means that the economic impact will be massive. I am a big fan of being a loyal customer. I believe that when I am loyal then the businesses will do right by me. Well, in this time of Pandemic almost every place you buy coffee, food, or drinks from are offering a take-away option. It 100% allows you to practice social distancing and could go a long way to helping these businesses stay afloat. In the Orlando area there are 770,000 businesses and 97% of them employ less than 50 people. So yesterday I purchased two large cans of beer from my local brewery, Oviedo Brewing. I got 32 oz. cans of Brick Red Ale and their Melon IPA. These will be tasty this weekend. I also made sure to leave a big tip. So I am going to try to hit up a local joint every other day for carry out lunch or a something else. I will let you know what I buy.

Okay, so day one of full out Insanity workout – my legs cannot hurt more and Caroline and I were literally gasping for air at the end. But it felt good. Finding solace in exercising and now have found a way to bond a bit with Caroline.

ALBUM of the Day – on this day, March 19, 1990 Depeche Mode released their most popular and likely their best album – Violator. It is one of my absolute favorite albums and from the opening notes of World in my Eyes to Waiting for the Night and everything in between this album was the soundtrack to my senior year in high school and was the right album at the right moment in my life. I wanted to be as cool as Dave Gahan and as sensitive and artistic as Martin Gore.

TOPIC OF THE DAY – Women’s History Month – Leave it to a global pandemic to hit just as Women’s History Month was in full swing. I wanted for today’s topic to a be a bit personal. I am lucky to have in my life three generations of women who make me a better man. My mother is a trailblazer of sorts. When there were next to no warehouse managers working for Costco Wholesale she was promoted in the early 2000s to this role. And that is her life in a nutshell, defy the odds and dont care who says no. I got her work ethic because of her. Next is my wife, Nicole, everyone knows our origin story but here is a woman who constantly ensures myself and Caroline are living up to the standards we have set for ourselves. Her ability to feel and care for others has no limits and when I am not sure how to feel (as I am a famously child of and alcoholic so feelings are optional for me) I look to her and she guides me emotionally. Finally, Caroline. Caroline is becoming the woman I dreamed she would be. Smart and funny but also serious about being a doctor. She is now someone I just like hanging out with. We tend to like the same music and such and I know she is going to be a great medical doctor some day.

These women are extraordinary but they are also living women’s history. My mother broke from the traditional role of stay at home mom to blaze a trail at her job so she can provide for her family, Nicole picked up the flag of inclusion and has fought many times that everyone gets a seat at the table regardless of gender, and Caroline has taken the gift of limitless potential and is making good on that promise. These are amazing and scary times but when I see these three women, I know its going to be okay.

GEN X MOMENT OF THE DAY – Let’s start at the top. I believe the most important moment in our generation’s history is the explosion of the Challenger on January 28, 1986. Not only for its horrific aftermath, or because there was a teacher on board, or that we can all remember where we were at at the time. The significance was how it etched for many Gen Xers that we are no longer safe. That if this can happen to astronauts, which were like superheros to us, then none of us will be safe. It also taught us Gen Xers to understand that life has risks and sometimes we have to take risks to reach beyond our limits. So the Challenger Explosion is the Gen X moment of the day.

Stat of the Day – 6652-2

The stat of the day deals with Tom Brady and Caroline, my daughter. In September of 2001 Tom Brady took the field as the quarterback of the New England Patriots in a famous fill-in for an injured Drew Bledose. he never looked back. 20 years and 9 Super Bowls later he is the greatest QB to ever play. While I am not a fan, that is a fact. On December 13th, 2001 Caroline was born. So far she has live 9997% of her life (6,652 days to 2 days) with Tom Brady as the QB in New England. And that just blew my mind.

More tomorrow.

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