Introducing . . . . the 90 day writing challenge.

So here is a challenge I am sure I will fail at but I am going to give it a shot anyway. It’s a 90 day writing challenge inspired by a podcast I started called “Death by 1,000 podcast takes you through 80 day writing boot camps. And while it is designed for fiction writers I like how it gives you ideas, takes you through exercises to stimulate writing creativity, and helps you form a communal feeling toward writing. The goal is to write about 1,000 words a day and at the end you should have a novel length product. Well, I don’t have a novel in mind but I have always wanted to visit my love of music from a personal story telling standpoint.

It’s no secret I love to listen to, think about, and write about music but I need to develop better creative habits. And right now I have many writing projects on my desk I need to finish so I am going to use these daily journal stories as my creative outlet to force me to complete my more professional writing. If I meet my professional goals each day I get to write a piece about music. It will give me a chance to let my brain rest, keep the creativity going, and give me an excuse to revisit my all-time favorites.

So here is the challenge, 90 days set into three acts. The first act are the 30 albums that changed my life, the second 30 are the 30 songs that changed my life, and the third 30 are the 30 bands that changed my life. And instead of making these just reviews of albums (snore!) each one will tell an autobiographical story as to why the album, song, or band was chosen. Some stories will be random, others will be emotional, I hope they will all be good stories.

In the podcast, novelist Tim Claire reviews the art of story design, self-editing, story progression, narrative, description, and brevity. It is fascinating and I hope this 90 day exercise will lead me to a cathartic conclusion.

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I am a professional at the University of Central Florida who likes entertainment, politics and sports.

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