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Are times finally changing?

Last night Stacey Abrams became the first black woman to lead the Democratic party ticket in Georgia when she won the state primary there. One of the major reasons I am proud to be a Democrat is our commitment to diversity and the diversity of our candidates. We believe that politics needs to be a big tent where all are welcome to help diversify perspective and ideas for policy and law development. But we still have a long way to go. Politics in general is far to white and male to be productive. However, that seems to be changing for the D’s. Continue reading

Why College Matters More Than We Know

Welcome to May! It is a time for spring to bloom in northern states like New York and Minnesota and for my home state of Florida to begin the slow march to summer. May is also a time for reflection and the promise of tomorrow because at colleges and universities all over the United States we are celebrating the rite of graduation. A time where students from all sorts of backgrounds and abilities line up, receive their caps and gowns, and are declared alumni. I myself, have had the pleasure and honor to graduate three times. I earned my B.A. from East Carolina University in 1995, my M.S. from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1997, and my Ed.D from Texas A&M – Commerce in 2011. Each time I walked across that stage it was special and I really understood the gravity of what was happening. I was fulfilling the hopes and dreams of my family, that I would soar past where they worked so hard to bring me to. Neither my father or mother completed college. Continue reading

Face it, your kid is smarter than you.

Let’s Face It, Our Kids Are Simply Smarter Than We Are

Nothing is more grating on our nerves than a smart-aleck kid. We all either have one in our homes or we know one. These kids love to show us how much they know about technology, access information on the web far faster than we can access it with our brains, and they can YouTube a solution to just about any task. Yep, kids these days. But are kids really getting smarter? The science and practical evidence seem to say yes. Despite all of our efforts to quell our kids curiosity and ability to learn through draconian textbook committees, school voucher systems, attacks on their self-esteem, and the constant barrage on changing education standards our efforts to dumb down our kids has fallen mostly flat. Continue reading