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18 Ways I Hope to be Better Next Year

Its the season for reflection and renewal. And yes, I am a resolution guy, and yes, I often struggle to keep them. I think I know why. Most of us think of change as incremental. That there is a promise in making small changes that add up big or making that one big change that helps all the other things out. Think of all of the hope peddling that we tend to do in the most popular New Year’s Resolution – losing weight. Over 50% of all New Year’s Resolutions have something to do with weight loss, fitness, or nutrition and it’s no wonder. In this narcissistic culture we tend to value vanity and think that looking a certain way will lead the way to that raise, new job, new relationship, or even a longer life. And, quite frankly, all of those things can be true. But what if we threw caution to the wind and just decided to make all of the changes we wished we had resolved to do years earlier and just did a deep dive into change? What would happen. Well, I am about to find out. Continue reading

My 2017 Top 20 Albums – Pure Comedy!

2017 was a nice year for music. There was enough new and enough returning music to satisfy any music fan. There were big releases from the likes of Taylor Swift and U2 and plenty of pleasant surprises. This is my list of my 20 favorite albums with a small blurb for my top ten albums. Hopefully you will find an album or artist you will like. You can also take a listen to the NPR Music Top 100 Songs playlist on Spotify. Continue reading

The Simple Dignity in Being Allowed to Pay

I am sitting in the Boston Logan airport. My flight takes off for Orlando in about an hour and a half. I just spent the past 24 hours at a conference on free speech and expression. It is a typical business trip for me. I am at the airport bar, enjoying a pint and some food, answering emails, and generally minding my own business. The bar is packed, most are. There is one open seat next to me. In a few minutes a woman sits next to me. She is young, thin, has a quiet voice. I really do not take much time to look at her. Most of the time us travelers are really not super into close interactions although the size of the airport dictates that. She squeezes in beside me. She is looking at her phone, we are all looking at our phones. There is nothing unusual about these interactions. Continue reading