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Hiring not to lose – The Sirens Call to Safety

In Arkansas, the Pulaski Academy football team never punts. They always go for it on 4th down and usually, they convert. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom when it comes to football. The cardinal rule is if you are stopped on third down you almost certainly punt the ball. There is just too much risk in playing with your back to the goalposts. But that also flies in the face of football wisdom. You see, if a team can keep the ball and continue to drive then that team is more likely to score because they are on the field. You can’t score if you don’t have the ball. Continue reading

From Tomboys to Boy George – Generation X and Gender

As the late 1970s turned to the 1980s there were lots of changes on the culture front. The sexual revolution was in full swing, personal experimentation with everything from sex to drugs became more and more mainstream. But on thing remained taboo. Gender was still a static thing. For the most part people who expressed themselves and their genders as anything but their biological self were often seen as strange and on the fringe. Sure there was all sorts of what I would call “gender cosplay”. Movies like Some Like it Hot and the Carol Burnett show exploited cross dressing for its comedic response. However, there were few in pop culture who were exploring this subject. The first inkling of gender non-conformity appeared in songs like Lou Reed’s Take a Walk on the Wildside and of course the forbearer of exploring gender fluidity, David Bowie. Continue reading

Oct. 11, 1975 – Oct. 24, 2006 – Generation X

I am a member of Generation X. I am the core demographic os Generation X. I was born in January of 1973 which, by generational standards places me at exactly the half-way point of Gen X. And while there are overlaps in all generations there is no doubt where I am. My favorite bands are R.E.M. and Depeche Mode, my favorite movies likely featured Molly Ringwald or Christian Slater, my favorite TV shows were Beverly Hills 90210 and Miami Vice, and my favorite athlete is Dan Marino. I am a child of the Reagan and Clinton years, the first major news event of my lifetime was the Challenger Disaster in 1986. I graduated high school in 1991 and by September Nirvana had released Nevermind, just in time for me to start college. Continue reading

Our kids are just smarter than we are. And that is great!

Let’s Face It, Our Kids Are Simply Smarter Than We Are

Nothing is more grating on our nerves than a smart-aleck kid. We all either have one in our homes or we know one. These kids love to show us how much they know about technology, access information on the web far faster than we can access it with our brains, and they can YouTube a solution to just about any task. Yep, kids these days. But are kids really getting smarter? The science and practical evidence seem to say yes. Despite all of our efforts to quell our kids curiosity and ability to learn through draconian textbook committees, school voucher systems, attacks on their self-esteem, and the constant barrage on changing education standards our efforts to dumb down our kids has fallen mostly flat. Continue reading

My post about Tom Petty

This week has been really tough. In a week dominated by a mass shooting in Las Vegas, a continued humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and just the standard craziness of the Trump years the life of one of my personal music idols was taken by a heart attack. Tom Petty died at the age of 66. Honestly this is not really young, but its also not really old. David Bowie was 69. Men die in their 60s from heart attacks all of the time. But that was not what hurt. Continue reading

Flag Frustrations Show Nothing Changes

This is not a post about football players kneeling. This is not about the politics of athletes, or the President, or whether people should or should not watch football. This post is about the frustration of censorship and the way that we always tend to elevate our own personal feelings above others. I am a 44 year-old Generation X-er and I am also a fierce advocate for free speech and expression. I have always felt like even when the message is crude, misguided, or disagreeable to me that is when I need to be even more outspoken for their protection from censorship. Continue reading