Day Six – #SeptVinylChallenge – Album you Often Don’t Remember Buying

When I was a Sophomore in high school I went to the Campbell Square Six movie theater in Homestead, Florida and saw the documentary Imagine on the life and times of John Lennon. I was already a huge fan of The Beatles and John Lennon but this movie gave me a new perspective. I appreciated how amazing his talent was, how he developed, and how he lived other parts of his life. I also was introduced to so many new songs by John Lennon and got to see him as separate from his Beatles persona. It was such a liberating movie.

I immediately went to the record store in the Campbell Square shopping center and got the album. I must have listened to it for a month straight. Learned so many song from his albums like Double Fantasy. I loved the collaborations with Yoko Ono and I really began to appreciate the members of the Beatles outside of their band. I started buying Paul McCartney and Wings, George Harrison albums, and went to see Ringo Staff with a friend. It reminded me that the whole is the sum of it’s parts. I often forgot I had this album because I could get so many of the songs in other ways but I remembered how important this was at the time. Formative.

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