Day Seven – #SeptVinylChallenge – Seven Inches of Heaven

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Depeche Mode. They are one of my favorite bands. I think so highly of their music and how much their lyrics speak to me. And often they are just damn fun to watch. As part of their Music For The Masses album promotion the band put out a seven inch remix of the song Behind The Wheel. It is really great and played an important part of the movie documentary 101. But it was the B-Side to that seven inch single that really worked.

On the other side was a seven inch remake of the song Route 66 originally written by Bobby Troup and sung by Nat King Cole. This version was a great techo-pop version and was amazing. it quickly became one of their most common encore songs to sing and is just perfect. I love this song and put it on so many mix tapes that I did in the 1990s. I think it is one of their best ideas.

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