Day Two – #SeptVinylChallenge – Disappointing Follow-Up

During my senior year in high school Sinead O'Connor released her most influential and important album of her career. I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got was WAY more than Nothing Compares 2U. The entire album was the first Gen X soundtrack of the 90s and songs like The Emperor's New Clothes, I Am Stretched on Your Grave, and Black Boys on Mopeds were important and incredible songs. We all felt this was the start of an amazing career. She had other good albums including The Lion and the Cobra. So I was already a huge fan. But then came Am I Not Your Girl?

The 1992 album was essentially a collection of standards and covers and while the album was not terrible it was such a huge miss from her previous three albums. There was the decent Don't Cry for me Argentina and none of the album's songs were horrible. The standards were treated as a direct copy of their original which made that even more disappointing. Here is the deal. I was a huge fan and had so much hope for it. I remember going to the record store, buying the album, rushing back to my dorm, putting the needle down on the album and just being bewildered. Sure she had done a standard on the Red, Hot and Blue record but that did not need a whole album.

So this album was really disappointing and I hated that.

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